Wednesday, March 04, 2015
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Snowy Mountains Local News from the Capital Radio Newsroom

Numeralla residents concerned about DA on NBN Tower

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

Good Morning, Andrew Page here from the Local Newsroom:

Residents in Numeralla have being expressing their doubts about a proposed NBN tower.

Visionstream, the company contracted by NBN-Co to build the fixed wireless communications tower, has lodged a DA with Cooma-Monaro Shire Council to build the tower at 149 Peak View Road.

President of Numeralla and District activities Incorporated Mark Shubert said, a substantial part of the wider region, does not meet the requirement for line of site in order for the service to work.

The town is also plagued by other communications issues, relating to mobile and radio coverage.

“If we have some problems away from the village, or away from mobile reception, there's no communication,” Mr Shubert said.

“For example, if someone is caught under a tractor, or if a child is bitten by a snake, unless we've got mobile reception, we can't communicate with the outside world,” he said.

“This was all revealed during bush-fire’s a couple of years ago”

Cooma-Monaro Shire Councils Director of Environmental Services Peter Smith said, council is limited in it's physical power, in that it can only act on what DA's are presented to them.

“Our role is to determine the application as made which is for a site that is not at the Numeralla Mountain Site, so we've got to consider that application for the site applied for on it's merit, which includes considering all of the submissions made through the notification period,” Mr Smith said.

Meanwhile, Radio Snowy Mountains wishes to remind Numeralla residents they should be able to receive 2XL's main transmitter on the AM band from Polo Flat on 918Khz.

Councils unanimously believe they should remain independent

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

The NSW Baird Government has instructed councils to explore all possibilities of merging and they must prove their financial viability by June this year.

The Mayors and General Managers of Bombala, Cooma-Monaro and Snowy River Shire have met in Bombala this week to consider the responses to the expressions of interest for undertaking the business case development for a potential merger between the councils.

Snowy River Shire General Manager Joe Vescio says at this stage, councils unanimously believe they should remain independent.

Meanwhile, the public is invited to comment on the issue.

You can comment on the Future of Snowy River Shire by clicking here


6 more poplar trees to go, Berridale

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

Snowy River Shire Council is preparing to remove the final 6 poplar trees in front of houses on the Southern end of Jindabyne Road.

12 poplars have already being removed due to diseased trunks.

The completion of phase two will bring the total number of poplars removed to 18, out of the avenue of 44 poplars.

Council will continue to monitor the health of the remaining poplars which will be removed over coming years as required to maintain public safety.

NSW Government says key infrastructure funding on the Monaro would be scrapped under Labor, claims rejected by Labor

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

Monaro MP John Barilaro says vital infrastructure projects on the Monaro Would be cancelled under a Labor Government.

Mr Barilaro says $10 million upgrade to the Kings Highway, the $5.3 million Lake Wallace Damn project for Nimmitabel and $500,000 upgrades to the Bombala Sewage Treatment Plant would be among massive cutbacks under Labor.

But Steve Whan has rejected claims and says he would keep the funding.

Labor, if re-elected would re-open Cooma Gaol annex


From Andrew Page in the Radio Snowy Mountains Newsroom:

The Country Labor Candidate for Monaro Steve Whan, was in Cooma Yesterday to announce that if elected, a Labor Government would re-open and use the Cooma Gaol's minimum Security Henry Mortlock annex, producing a significant economic boost and new jobs in the Cooma Community.

Mr Whan says the annex can house up to 50 prisoners and was built by the last Labor Government.

Mr Whan criticised the NSW Coalition Government for closing it down.


Monaro MP John Barilaro says however, running the annex is un-viable.


Being a transition center, it would not suit the states need for high security prisons.


Works of famous local artist to be on display at Raglan Gallery

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

A retrospective exhibition of Yvonne Wildash's paintings and other craft works will be opened at 2pm, Saturday the 28th, at Cooma's Raglan Gallery, which will run through to the 22nd of March.

With paintings included from the early 70s through to the late 2000s, the exhibition will demonstrate Yvonne's development as an artist over the years and show case the wide range of her art work.

Yvonne's daughter Fran Hampton says it offers a close look at her technique.