Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Snowy Mountains Local News from the Capital Radio Newsroom

Cooma-Monaro Shire Councils waste less recycle more 3 bin system hailed as a sucess

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

Cooma-Monaro Shire Councils new 3 bin system commenced back in January, through a grant from the Environmental Trust and the NSW EPA's Waste Less Recycle More program.

Cooma-Monaro shire Mayor Dean Lynch says  council has buried about 6 full truck loads less kerbside waste than in the same period last year.

115 Tonnes of organic waste has also been collected.

Meeting with local residents on Cooma North Substation goes well

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

Cooma North Resident Chris Buscall says a meeting with senior managers from TransGrid about a new sub station being constructed on the Monaro Highway just North of Cooma has gone extremely well.

The meeting was held so that residents could raise concerns about their view of the Monaro country Side being disrupted.

It's also felt there could be better use of trees to help camouflage the sub station.

Mr Buscall says there will be more discussions.

Greens candidate Peter Marshall calls for a ban on political donations from commercial for profit organisations

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

The Greens Candidate for Monaro Peter Marshall says his party has launched a comprehensive clean politics package to combat corruption for NSW.

Referring to ICAC investigations that have seen Coalition and Labor MP's forced to resign, MR Marshall says that self interest among MP's has meant that the institutional change required to corruption proof NSW has never happened.

Mr Marshall wants to see a ban on political donations from Commercial For Profit organisations, as well as careful cross examination from all others.

New community group to give Cooma's retail sector a boost

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

The Cooma Chamber of Commerce is launching a new group to discuss how local retail operators in Cooma can be given a boost to their business.

Retail Group has being formed by Louise Lynch from Your House, Richard Mack from Mack's Auto's and Chris Fitzgerald from Mitre 10.

Mr Fitzgerald says it's important for residents to shop locally, as well as for businesses to provide the right services, as once money goes to a place like Canberra, it almost never comes back.

National Parks got 'the dog'

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

One of the Monaro's most illusive and vicious Wild Dogs, has being trapped by personnel from the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The dog, which was terrorising livestock in the Numbla Vale area, has being a resident out there for more than 5 years.

It was a black, tan and white hybrid male dingo and domestic dog cross.

On Saturday the 21st of March, dog trappers caught the dog in a jaw trap about 3 Kilometres inside Kosciuszko National Park near Stoney Creek.

Area Manager Pam O Brien says the dog was smart avoid traps for years, supposedly catching onto the scent of one of the trappers.

But in the end, it was not smart enough when NPWS changed trappers and the type of trap being used.

Mt Gladstone Hill Climb returns this weekend

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

High Speed Motor Action returns to Mt Gladstone this Sunday when the Cooma Car Club brings back the hill climb for 2015.

For the first ever time, entries from highly modified type 4 production based 2 wheel drive vehicles, more commonly known as sports sedans will be allowed.

Entries are open until late this Saturday afternoon.

Publicity officer with the Cooma Car Club Ian Hampton says spectators are allowed in for free, they are looking forward to seeing how the Sports Sedans go.

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